Mr. ADARSH RANA (Managing Director)


Mr. Rana is a well-known personality in the Real Estate industry from the last 10 years.He has always adopted transactional transparencies, quality, and flawless work, unmatched perfection and fulfilled his commitments. His fine leadership and vision is the backbone creating values of the modest group for its customers and business partners. He is qualified in handling real estate workflow, team management, and strategic planning in a well-organized manner. The modest group has achieved a new milestone under his supervision and hard work


Mr. Dagar is a talented and dynamic name contributing to the construction/ real estate industry for more than a decade. His powerful background in building brands has resulted in his achievements. He is an expert in mastering tasks and simplifying construction problems. He is brilliant in project planning, monitoring and coordinating with clients. He is a multidimensional personality. Under his leadership, the modest group has seen an inspiring change in such a short span.

Mr. ARVIND BAHL (Director)

Mr. Bahl, a prominent figure in the business of estate from last 10 years, is full of passion for achieving his goals. His sense of perfection and keen knowledge of grabbing opportunities has offered him numerous achievements. These qualities of Mr. Bahl have made him the leading figure of the modest group. His vast knowledge and profound experience have taken modest groups to the heights. He tries every possible course of action in order to make to customers satisfied. He believes in the power of dedication and teamwork to achieve his objectives.

Mr. ATUL GUPTA (Director)

Mr Atul Gupta has all the skills and proficiencies required for leading the major financial decisions including budgetary planning and cost-effectiveness. His experience of two decades renders him the ability to govern the overall operations of the ongoing projects. Mr Gupta holds an engineering degree (BE – Industrial and production) from MIT, Manipal. His vast and rich experience as a member of the Board of the director in various firms has contributed to enhancing his skills and approach towards arriving at the solutions. He served for 15 yrs in the board of directors at Trim India Pvt. Ltd. He is presently a partner at Stanford infrastructures where he is working since 2013. His tenure as a partner at Stanford developers, one of his current boards commenced in 2014. With such a great exposure which has led to polish and develop his strategies and approaches even further, he started his tenure as a shareholder/Director in 2018. He is an erudite person who seeks to arrive at desired solutions within the planned timeline.

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